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Category: Algorithmes

#39: to save/load the font
How can I save/load the information about font in INI/text-file?

#48: CRC32 calculation
Algorithm of CRC32 calculation for file

#56: to play with colors
To play with colors

#93: hash function for strings
Hash function for strings

#113: a correct round of number
How can I round a number correctly?

#118: to receive a number of files in some folder
How can I receive a number of files in some folder?

#124: extended DayOfWeek function
extended DayOfWeek function

#125: second Wednesday of November
How can I calculate a date of the "second Wednesday of November"?

#129: checksum by modulus 10
How can I calculate a checksum by modulus 10?

#136: Elf hash algorithm
ELF hash algorithm

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