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#92: How can I switch a DBGrid in edit mode and set a cursor in some position?

Sometimes in development you must control the edit mode of your DBGrid and, for example, to place a cursor in some position for user typing. You can view the next code, which show how you can solve this task:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  h: THandle;
  {set a focus to DBGrid}

  {switch to edit mode}
  DbGrid1.EditorMode := True;

  {receive the handle of current window with edit}
  h := Windows.GetFocus;

  {send the EM_SETSEL.
   You must include the two parameters: the start position of cursor and end
   position of selection. In the next example, I set a cursor in position of
   third character without any selection}
  SendMessage(h, EM_SETSEL, 3, 3);

Published: July 24, 2000

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