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#78: How can I sound a beep for some action?

Sometimes in development very useful to sound a "context" beep. For example, user entered the incorrect value - you can show the message dialog with information about it but also useful to beep with "error" sound.

Try this - it's very useful for end-user as context help/assistent:

uses Windows;

procedure PlayBeep(ActionType: TMsgDlgType);
var mb: dWord;
  case ActionType of
    mtInformation: mb := MB_ICONASTERISK; //SystemAsterisk
    mtWarning: mb := MB_ICONEXCLAMATION; //SystemExclamation
    mtError: mb := MB_ICONHAND; //SystemHand
    mtConfirmation: mb := MB_ICONQUESTION; //SystemQuestion
    mtCustom: mb := MB_OK; //SystemDefault
    mb:= $0FFFFFFFF; //Standard beep using the computer speaker

PS: don't use it very frequently because users'll be angry:)

Published: May 18, 2000

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