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#53: How can I set a clock (system datetime) in MS Windows?

If you need set the system date and time in MS Windows from your application, then you can use the next code:

function ChangeSystemDateTime(dtNeeded: TDateTime): Boolean;
  tzi: TTimeZoneInformation;
  dtSystem: TSystemTime;
  dtNeeded := dtNeeded + tzi.Bias / 1440;
  with dtSystem do
    wYear := StrToInt(FormatDateTime('yyyy', dtNeeded));
    wMonth := StrToInt(FormatDateTime('mm', dtNeeded));
    wDay := StrToInt(FormatDateTime('dd', dtNeeded));
    wHour := StrToInt(FormatDateTime('hh', dtNeeded));
    wMinute := StrToInt(FormatDateTime('nn', dtNeeded));
    wSecond := StrToInt(FormatDateTime('ss', dtNeeded));
    wMilliseconds := 0;
  Result := SetSystemTime(dtSystem);

Published: December 10, 1999

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