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#5: Can I display a node in standard TTreeView component with bold style without custom drawing?

Time-to-time I receive the question how I realized a selection by the bold font for some nodes in the SMReport Explorer form.

Today I have decided to describe this very simple way (but very useful). It does not require an override of any custom drawing methods/events, creating
a new component etc. It's a real standard way.
The standard Windows Treeview control have a few state flags (TVIS_BOLD and TVIS_CUT in our example), due to which it's possible to reach wished.

At first, let's write the procedure SetNodeState:

procedure SetNodeState(node: TTreeNode; Flags: Integer);
var tvi: TTVItem;
  FillChar(tvi, SizeOf(tvi), 0);
  tvi.hItem := node.ItemID;
  tvi.Mask := TVIF_STATE;
  tvi.StateMask := TVIS_BOLD or TVIS_CUT;
  tvi.State := Flags;
  TreeView_SetItem(node.Handle, tvi);

And now we can set a wished flags:
SetNodeState(node, TVIS_BOLD) - to set the node as Bold
SetNodeState(node, TVIS_CUT) - to set the node as Cutted
SetNodeState(node, TVIS_BOLD or TVIS_CUT) - to set the node as Bold and
SetNodeState(node, 0) - to set a node as normal

PS: tomorrow I'll release a new SMReport Designer and SMReport Autogenerated.
In new distribution kit I shall include the new demo
application with sources, in which you can view a SetNodeState procedure using too.

Published: August 3, 1999

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