DIM v2.8: Database Information Manager Download (2 Mb):


DIM is a clone of SQLExplorer.
You have full control for your database:
general information about connection
using a different types of connections to database(BDE, ADO, ODBC, direct Oracle access, Interbase Express core)
list of tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, packages etc including a system items
a full information about database item: table structure, table storage information, indexes, PK (primary keys), FK (foreign keys), AK (alternative keys), checks and defaults, security grants
sources of stored procedures, triggers and packages (for Oracle)

a custom queries execution and automatical generation of typical statements (SELECT, INSERT, DELETE etc)
extended navigation, viewing, editing, search, filtering and sorting of data
"one touch" print, export and import of data (view the SMReport Autogenerated, SMExport and SMImport suites for more info)
multi-database work in MDI interface
history of work (recent databases, executed custom queries etc)

Screenshot for database schema:

Screenshot for Oracle predefined queries:

Statement export. A lot of different programming languages supported

Code generator. A lot of different programming languages supported


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